Automated Welding Services

Our robotic welding and advanced automated services are much more than just a cost effective solution. They’re also about delivering superior quality through an efficient service for our customers.

With seven automated robotic welding cells at our Sydney facility we can rapidly complete complex steel stamping assembly assignments and provide a service that delivers the utmost in quality.

Overseen by a team of experienced engineers, our advanced robotic welding means less errors and improved time efficiency.

Other benefits gained from using a reliable automated welding robotic service over a manual system include:

  • Higher quality metal penetration occurs with superior mechanical precision
  • Greater flexibility and more manoeuvrability of the automated torch and arm
  • An improved final product that has more strength
  • Inexpensive when compared to manual welding, especially if tasks require a repetitive pattern
  • Robotic welding can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

More broadly, our engineering design and manufacturing services meet the needs of almost any metal manufacturing project.

At our 6000 square metal pressing and steel stamping facility at Padstow we have the most advanced metal stamping technology that includes a Bliss blanking/deep drawing press and a nine stage 250 tonne Seyi transfer press line

Working in our modern toolroom we also have a team of specialists who design and make tools to the highest of quality standards.

Stringent Quality Controls

When producing products for industries such as those involved in the automotive, mining, medical and construction sectors, nothing but the best is delivered. Long ago we established our quality control department to ensure that our operating systems and outcomes are nothing short of exceptional. As part of that system we adhere to ISO 9001 and TS 16949 quality system standards across all of our metal stamping and metal forming processes.

For further information on our robotic welding and automated welding services please phone +61 (02) 9771 2411 or enquire online.

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